Welcome to our FoodASC Asks post where FoodASC asks YOU, the community,  to share your ideas and tips on a particular topic.  It’s a chance to exchange ideas and share valuable information that you have discovered, written or experienced.

Photo by Nahuel Hawkes

We’ve been having a great time on the Facebook Page and in the Facebook Inner Circle Group talking about our favorite allergy friendly snack bars.

Do you have a “go to” bar for when you are on the go?


Share your tips:

In the comments below, simply add a photo or the name of your favorite snack bar  (company and flavor) for all of us to enjoy.

We will be sharing the results in an upcoming post.  Stay tuned!



Donna DeCosta, Founder FoodASC.com

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    1. Donna DeCosta Listing Owner

      Thanks Tracy. Do you have a favorite flavor?

  1. Pamela Fernandez

    Our go to bars are Zego Snack bars and Know Allergies Bars. They are allergy friendly and delicious. Zego also has fruit bars that are amazing and we love the chocolate chip pretzel bar from Know Allergies!

    1. Donna DeCosta Listing Owner

      They sound great, Pamela! Thanks for letting us know your favorite brands and flavors! We will have to check out the fruit as well as the chocolate chip pretzel.

  2. Jody

    Don’t Go Nuts bars are a huge favorite in our house. They are non gmo, organic and totally peanut/tree nut free facility. The Gorilla Power flavor is my son’s preferred choice. It is their chocolate chip version. But they have five different flavors to enjoy.

    1. Donna DeCosta Listing Owner

      Thanks Jody for sharing your favorite allergy friendly bars! I’m with your son. Chocolate chip sounds good to me. 🙂