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Let’s face it, eating out at restaurants can be an enjoyable or exhausting experience.  Some owners and chefs really understand the importance of label reading, cross contact in the kitchen and providing their guests with tasty as well as safe food.  Unfortunately this is not always the case.


Have you had a good experience eating out?

Do you have any local or chain restaurants that you’d like to “give a shout out to”?   Let us know so that we can support them as well!


Share your tips:

In the comments below, simply add a photo or the name/location of a helpful restaurant for all of us to enjoy.




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  1. Lisa Musician

    Despite last year’s Panera disaster and lawsuit, I think Panera took the opportunity to train and put policies & procedures in place to manage food allergy orders and keep it free from cross-contamination as best as any commercial kitchen serving mass quantities of food to the general public.
    Applebee’s is another chain restaurant that is conscientious about food allergens, in my experience.

    1. Donna DeCosta Listing Owner

      Thanks Lisa. Panera is one of our “go to” places as well. We haven’t been to Applebee’s much but the time we went, our server was very knowledgeable.

  2. Jyoti

    There’s only one eating place where I can let my guard down. It’s http://sorelleandco.com/
    Located in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada – just north of Toronto- it’s worth a visit. The bakery/cafe is dairy free, egg free, nut free, sesame, gluten & soy free. It’s a beautiful place where one can enjoy delicious and safe sweet & savoury treats.

    1. Donna DeCosta Listing Owner

      Sounds like a great bakery/cafe! Thanks Jyoti. Nice to see a dining facility free of so many of the top allergens. Will have to keep them in mind when visiting Canada. We were in Ottawa this spring and it was just beautiful!

  3. teamblue

    I know some people are still hesitant after the big samonella scare but.. Chipotle! Still love them. I think my son has grown bored of the cheese quesadilla but I know that in a pinch, we have a place to grab something that is free of his many allergens and that is tricky to do with our list. (Navy Bean, Chickpea, Tree Nuts, Chicken, Egg, Flax, Lentil, Peanut, Peas, Sesame, Soy, and Turkey.)

    1. Donna DeCosta Listing Owner

      Thanks for sharing, Teamblue. My kids love Chipotle too! We’ve had great experiences there as well.

  4. Alicia Amaker

    PF Chang’s is good because you tell them what your allergic to and they put it in a program and come back with a new menu just for you of what you can eat.

    1. Donna DeCosta Listing Owner

      Thanks Alicia. I didn’t realize that they would print out a special menu based on the allergens you are avoiding.