What I want my food allergic sons to know

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post entitled 25 Things I’d Like My (Food Allergic) Sons to Know.

That list was more specific to food allergies.

This post includes things that I would like my sons to know based on my experiences as a mom, physician and small business owner.


Here is my list of 50 more things I’d like my sons, who happen to have food allergies, to know.

  1. Always do your best

  2. Be kind

  3. Stand up for your beliefs

  4. Be compassionate

  5. Competition can be good

  6. You are not less than

  7. You are blessed

  8. You have unique gifts and talents

  9. Share your gifts to make the world a better place

  10. Enjoy your life

  11. Be adventurous

  12. Have fun

  13. Seek advice from trusted advisors

  14. Have a mentor

  15. Be a mentor

  16. Love your family

  17. Run your race, not someone else’s

  18. Surround yourself with positive, smart and ambitious people

  19. Be motivated

  20. Make eye contact

  21. Have a firm handshake

  22. Smile

  23. Laugh

  24. Try new things

  25. It’s okay to show your feelings

  26. Love deeply

  27. Be open minded

  28. Embrace change

  29. This too shall pass

  30. Cherish your friends

  31. Not everyone will like you, and that’s okay.

  32. You are a child of God

  33. Stand up for yourself

  34. Work hard and play hard

  35. Be respectful

  36. Appreciate the beauty around you

  37. Be helpful

  38. Be appreciative

  39. Never stop learning

  40. Enjoy the journey not just the destination

  41. Cherish your family

  42. Do your best

  43. Be a blessing to others

  44. Enjoy each season of life

  45. Respect your elders

  46. Be a scholar and a gentleman

  47. Have integrity

  48. Keep your word

  49. Be a good person

  50. Life is a gift


What do you want your children to know? Share it with us in the comments below.


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