Photo by Clem Onojeghuo
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching.

We asked FoodASC Members how they safely celebrated Valentine’s Day and to share their favorite allergy friendly candy brands.

Here are some of their answers!


To celebrate Valentine’s Day, like all the other holidays, we always focus on what our kids can have and not what they can’t.  I’m making safe cookies to match what the other Kindergarten kids will have for Valentine’s Day.

 ~ Meredith G.


Our girls give out Kiss Freely lip gloss hearts and lip balm with their Valentine’s Day cards!

~ Jennifer Fennell Kurko, Kiss Freely


Each kid is getting a book they really want and Water Beads for fun!

~Rachel Lee Kerr


Making homemade cards with cut out hearts and stickers for the family (she’s a very hands on type of kid and can’t say “no” to a glue stick)! For daycare, we are giving out apple sauce pouches with a cut out heart for the name label which will be tied or glued to the pouches.   Will be easy for all ages at daycare and non-candy. She can do most of the activity!

~Amber C.


Decorate the dining room and use our fancy plates and have fancy “safe” meal.  Kids love i

~Susan Heim Kelly, Food Allergy Life


Just give the kids $10.00 and one thing of safe candy.

~Tracy B.


Fun, food allergies and fun in the classroom! That’s been my motto for years.  I have found fun ways to have food with the kids while showing those around me and my kids how much we care!

We can still have food in our classrooms.  With the help one or two other parents , we provide healthy snacks for everyone, such as heart watermelon and orange treats or pretzels with melted Enjoy Life chocolates.

~Daniella Knell, Smart Allergy~ Friendly Education


With home baked goodies. I am entirely unprepared this year .

~Alex D.

Mostly non-food treats with one safe chocolate bar that they can bring to school. That way if there’s something there they can’t eat they have something that’s safe.

~Kimberlee H.



FoodASC Members share some of their favorite allergy friendly candy!

Sharon McCutcheon
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon


Smarties Hearts

Dum Dums Heart Pops

Wonka Laffy Taffy

Gimbal’s Cherry Lovers Heart Shaped Jelly Beans

Enjoy Life Chocolate

No Whey Chocolate

PASCHA Chocolate

Divvies-Chocolate Chip Cookies

Surf Sweets Valentine

Hersheys-regular size bars

Vermont Nut Free Mini Heart Chocolates 

Free2b Chocolate


How do you celebrate?  Does your family have a favorite allergy friendly or gluten free candy to add?

Please share in the comments below!


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