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“May contain” has proven to be a hot button topic that has stirred up quite a response over on the FoodASC FB page.

What is “May contain” you might ask?

In short, the “May contain” statement is a voluntary statement placed by the manufacturer on the labels of some products indicating a product “may contain” or have a particular allergen.

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A few days ago, I asked our FoodASC FB community if people ate “May contain” food and there were a wide variety of comments.

Many gave an emphatic “No” but there were also some alternative answers.


Do you eat “may contain”? Please cast your vote and/or share in the comments below.


Here’s a summary of the results from our FB page post with some of the actual comments.

No – 53

Depends on product and/or allergen – 9

Yes – 2



While we personally do not eat “May contain” products,  because of the risk of having the allergen present, I would love to hear your perspective.

Please cast your vote above or share your thoughts in the comments below!


Looking for more information on label reading and “May contain”?  Check out these resources:

FDA “Contains” and “May Contain” Have Different Meanings 

FARE  “May Contain” Statements”

Allergic Living Magazine  “May Contains’ on Food Labels: What You Need to Know”



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