Have you ever wondered, “How do I…”

help my child stay safe at school and at social functions?
help my kids eat out safely in restaurants?
help my child to deal with anxiety and emotional difficulties around food allergies?
start to hand off the responsibility of food allergies to my children?
help my kids keep themselves safe when they are away from me?help my child to work through the fear of having food allergies and move forward safely and responsibly? 


If so, come and join the E3 Method: 3 Steps to Empowering Your Child with Food Allergies online video series!


What is the E3 Method?


The E3 Method is a course that I developed to help moms help empower their children so that they can move from a place of fear towards managing their food allergies independently.


Who is right for this workshop?

This workshop is designed for busy moms of children and tweens with food allergies who want to learn practical information and tools to help their children manage their food allergies now and in years to come (including numerous real-life examples).

What is the location of the workshop ?

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The workshop is held online and will start on Saturday March 16th at 10 am EST and continuing for the next 11 days.
A new video will be released every other day for a total of 4 videos.
We will have a workshop portal for discussion as well as a closed FB group.

Where do I sign up?

You may sign up here– its not too late!
I look forward to meeting you.

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