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As August quickly approaches, your kids may soon be heading back to school.

Worried about how their food allergies are going to be managed in the classroom, lunch room, on field trips and with learning activities?

If you haven’t already, you may want to contact your child’s teacher to discuss your child’s food allergies and how they will be safely managed at school.

CLICK HERE to find tasks for families dealing with food allergies to perform outside of school, key people to speak with at your child’s school and topics to discuss with your child.

While informal discussions and agreements may be sufficient, other times a more formal written plan may be preferred or necessary.

One such plan is called a 504 Plan.

Cindy Gordon, Vegetarian Mamma,  wrote a guest post about her 504 experience called Tips for Making the Most of Your Food Allergy 504 Meeting.


Here are additional helpful resources on 504 Plans including who is eligible, steps to obtain a 504 plan, sample accommodations and what to do if your child’s school violates the plan.



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