Having a child with food allergies can be frightening at times.

Here are 4 things you can do to decrease the fear of your child having an allergic reaction.


Face the fear

  • Acknowledge the fear.
  • It can be scary.
  • Food allergies may be new to you and your family.
  • You may not have a medical background and may be concerned about when or how to treat an allergic reaction.

Get the facts

  • Learn about food allergies
  • Ask your child’s doctor for resources, websites, book, magazines and webinars.
  • Learn how to prevent, recognize and treat a reaction
  • Make sure that your resources are reputable.


Get support

  • Studies have shown that having supportive understanding friends can be helpful..
  • Investigate local or online support group
  • Find a few understanding and empathizing friends.
  • If the fear starts to interfere with your daily activities, you may want to seek professional help.


Take Action

  • Always have epinephrine to treat an anaphylactic reaction and call 9-1-1..
  • Stress the importance of hand washing.
  • Strict label reading.
  • Consider removing food to which your child is allergic from the home or having specific shelves/utensils for your child if you choose to bring their allergens into the home.
  • Possibly organize food allergy training at your child’s school or daycare.



The Food Allergy Moms Circle

 A self paced online training program to reduce your stress and equip your children.


    • Mini-Trainings most less than 10 minutes
      • Short recording/ download
    • Speaker Webinar hot topic
    • Checklist or Handout
    • Live Q & A.

    • Two ways to access our great community- portal and on FB.


  • BONUSES                                            

    • 30 Day Welcome Series: Weekly group calls I facilitate.
    • Guided Meditations: Custom & relaxation meditations.
    • A Little Bit CAN Hurt : Real life examples & interviews.
    • Children’s Food Allergy Books List: FoodASC favorites.
    • Open Ended Questions: Build their confidence.



    • 5 Keys to a Safe Allergy Friendly Play Date 



Enrollment ends on Midnight PST on October 25th




Q1: There’s so much advice on parenting fa kids on line, why should I pay for information I can get online?

  • You can find some of the info online (true for most things google and search) but I have collected information over the years and curated it to make it easier for you to learn quickly to support your kids.
  • I’ve spent 20 years dealing with food allergies  and children.
  • I’ve researched food allergies, interviewed people, been a support group leader, coached many people.
  • Designed this membership to help you succeed and keep your kids safe.
  • Membership is based on a success path
  • Start wherever you are and move towards decreasing stress & equipping your children
  • i’ve included specific action steps and milestones to guide you.
  • Love you to join so that I can share all of the real life examples and information that I have collected both personally and  from others to help keep your kids safe.

Q2: It seems like this will take a lot of time out of my day and I am pulled in a million directions. I’m worried I won’t be able to invest the time needed to make it worthwhile. Can you tell me more about the time commitment?

  • Self paced  ~hour a month,  skip and pick up when you have time
  • Videos will be released monthly, look at them at your convenience.
  • Most of the videos are less than 10 minutes.
  • You may download videos to watch later offline.
  • Speaker and  Q&A  sessions will be recorded.


Join the Food Allergy Moms Circle today!


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