Does Halloween make you want to scream?

Stomach tied up in knots?

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way!



Discover these 4 secrets to have a safe and fun Halloween as well as some fun alternatives.



What to do before, during and after trick-or-treating!



  • Ask your child if they’d like to go or not.
  • Costume selection – think gloves!
  • Enlist neighbors help – Deliver candy to neighbors prior to Halloween to give to your children Halloween night.
  • Pick out safe candy and non-food treats like toys, stickers, glow bracelets, spider rings and fangs!
  • Decorate your Teal Pumpkin– designates you have non food treats.


  • Feed your child before heading out.
  • Take 2 epinephrine auto-injectors.
  • No eating policy while trick-or-treating.
  • Pick safe candy – encourage kids to choose the candy that’s safe for them.  May politely decline.
  • Look for the Teal Pumpkin.


  • Sorting party – sort through the candy with kids and determine what’s safe and not safe.  Great skill for them to learn.
  • Switch out unsafe candy – Fairy, witch or Great Pumpkin can swap the candy for safe candy or other items like toys or books.
  • Neighborhood candy exchange – swap candy with neighborhood kids.


  • Check for local activities – zoo, theme park, sporting event, aquarium, trunk or treat, allergy friendly festivals.
  • Movie Night! – at home or out.
  • Halloween or Harvest party – with family or friends.
I hope these secrets help you and your child to have a fun and safe Halloween!  For more tips to empower your kids on Halloween, click HERE.

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Food Allergies: 4 Secrets to Taking the FRIGHT out of HALLOWEEN

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