What is the FoodASC Directory?

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If you have food allergies and sensitivities or know someone who does, we understand how frustrating it can be to find that safe bakery or accommodating restaurant. We know how helpless it can feel when you have a child with unique dietary needs, but helpful and available resources are few and far between.

The FoodASC Directory was created to fill that void. It’s a place where you can find not only great products and services but also a supportive community to help you on this journey. FoodASC strives to empower parents so they can, in turn, empower their children.

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Our Founder

Dr. Donna DeCosta, FoodASC founder,  is a wife and the mother of two sons with life-threatening food allergies.  Even as a physician specializing in radiology, she knows the fear, uncertainty, and stress that can be associated with having loved ones with food allergies and other allergic diseases.

She knows the difficulty in navigating classroom events, birthday parties and holidays with family and friends while trying to keep your children safe and included.  She knows the hesitation in dining out or trying different foods.  She knows the difficulty of looking for helpful new products or safe and tasty recipes for her family.

In addition to her personal experience, she has spoken with numerous people as a FARE support group leader for over 16 years, blogger under Food Allergy Mom Doc since 2011 and while interviewing over 40 people for her book A Little bit CAN Hurt: The Shocking Truth About Food Allergies, Why We Should Care and What We Can Do.

Collectively, her experiences have taught her the importance of education, being prepared and being proactive.

FoodASC was Born

The idea for FoodASC came when Donna asked a mother of a child with food allergies what she most needed to help her family. She told Donna that she would like “a site like Angie’s List” that had helpful products for her family with ratings and reviews from people like herself.

Shortly thereafter, FoodASC was born. FoodASC includes not only resources for people with food allergies but also with conditions that are often associated or possibly coexisting in the same household.

While this journey can be unpredictable at times, Donna realizes that she is not alone and neither are you. There are many people, resources, and services that can help improve the lives of people, like yourself and your loved ones living with food allergies and sensitivities, asthma, eczema and celiac disease.

Our Mission

The mission of FoodASC is to improve lives through valuable resources that empower and connect the food allergy and sensitivity communities.

Our vision is a world where food allergic and sensitive individuals lead unrestricted lives.

How to use the FoodASC Site

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  1. Recipes:

Find delicious allergy-friendly and gluten-free recipes on the home page or if you prefer, filter by exclusion using the recipe button on the navigation bar. In both places, you will find exciting new recipes with print ready cards, like these.  Click recipes below to start.

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  1.  Articles and Tips:

In Blog Posts & Articlesyou will find pertinent articles to help inform you as a  parent so that you can address your children’s needs as well as guest blog posts, expert posts and spotlight posts of FoodASC members.

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