Below you’ll find a list of my past and upcoming workshops.  If you are interested in having me speak at your next event, please contact me directly at



TITLE: The 3 E’s to Empowerment: Passing the Food Allergy Baton

Food for Thought: S.A.F.E. Food Pantry’s Education Session 

DATE: 10/26/2017

DETAILS: Learn  3 steps to empowering your child, a time saving technique for label reading, the form you should never leave home without, the meaning of the Food Allergy Circle, and tools to help your child self-advocate.


TITLE: Food Allergies: The Shocking Truth, Why We Should Care and What We Can Do

LOCATION: Anne Arundel County Women’s Fair and Expo

DATE: 9/ 24/2016

DETAILS: Whether you know someone with food allergies or not, in this informative session, you’ll discover the shocking truth about food allergies, why you should care and what you can do.


TITLE: 10 Things Child Care Directors Need to Know about FOOD ALLERGIES

LOCATION: Anne Arundel County Child Care Association

DATE: 12/10/2015


TITLE: The Shocking Truth about Food Allergies: Why We Should Care, What We Can Do

LOCATION: HAPS Eastern Regional Meeting at WOR-WIC Community College

DATE: 10/3/2015

DETAILS: Dr. DeCosta will provide a glimpse into the world of food allergies from a personal perspective. By sharing basic food allergy information, resources and personal stories, she will discuss the shocking truths about food allergies, why you should care and what you as an educator can do to protect and enhance the lives of those living with food allergies.


TITLE: Food Allergies Aren’t Always a Party, But You Can Have Fun

LOCATION: Food Allergy Wellness: Powerful Paths to Courageous Living with Food Allergies Telesummit

DATE: 11/6/ 2014


TITLE: Food Allergies Aren’t Just Nuts Panel Discussion 

LOCATION: Anne Arundel Medical Center/Panelist and Organizer

DATE: 5/13/2014

DETAILS: An event for both individuals with food allergies and their circle of caregivers. Learn information about the diagnosis and treatment of food allergies, as well as strategies for living safely and healthfully.



LOCATION: Delaware Technical Community College

DATE: 4/8/2014

DETAILS: A growing public health concern, food allergies afflict an estimated 15 million people in the United States alone, and that number continues to rise.  Donna DeCosta, an author, physician, and advocate will present information about food allergies including the management of this potentially life-threatening condition as well as the treatment of food-allergic reactions.


TITLE: Looking … Back to the Future/ 2014 Ladies’ Inspirational Fellowship Time

LOCATION: Riverdale Baptist Church

DATE: 3/8/2014


TITLE: My Story of Passion, Persistence and Faith

LOCATION: Martin Advertising

DATE: 7/2013